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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

Noruega: Petición de vino rosado D.O. Navarra. 15.12.2017 fecha límite

Noruega: Petición de vino rosado D.O. Navarra. 15.12.2017 fecha límite

Launch month: May 2018
Type: Rosé wine
Region: Navarra
Quality/Appellation: DO Navarra
Tender description/specifications: 1) Based on min. 85 % Garnacha
2) Screw cap
3) If more than one offer is submitted from the same manufacturer, the one with the lowest price will be assessed, regardless of the producer or the wholesaler
Vintage: 2017
Type of Packaging: Light weight bottle or PET-bottle
Unit size: 75 cl
Maximum Ex cellar price in Euro: 3,80
Briefly estimated volume in boxes/bottles (Please state your best availability in offer):  20.000
Retail price in NOK in the monopoly shop: less of 150
Deadline for 4 bottle samples and tendersheet to importer: 18/01/2018
Type of listing in Norway: Basic, possible one-lot

Ref. 8358 Contactar con winesinform@gmail.com   Fecha límite acción de Wines Inform Assessors representando a la bodega :15-12-2017